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The main function of the Energi21 initiative is to provide strategic input and recommendations to the authorities on research, development and demonstration activities targeted towards the development of new, climate-friendly, stationary energy technology.

The Energi21 strategy is to be an integrated, unifying strategy for the energy sector where the stakeholders, through their active participation, give support to collective strategic objectives and measures.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy uses the strategy when determining its allocations to research, development and demonstration in the energy sector.

Energi21 is led by a board appointed by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, with 12 representatives from trade and industry, research and educational institutions, andpublic agencies within the research and innovation system in the energy sector. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) take part as observers. The day-to-day activities are led and carried out by a secretariat in collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the energy sector.

The scope of Energi21 encompasses thematic and technology areas within climate-friendly stationary energy production, energy transmission (infrastructure) and efficient use of energy, as well as carbon capture and storage.

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