Energi21 - National strategy for research and innovation within new climate friendly energy technology

About Energi21

The Energi21 strategic body is an independent advisory body established by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in 2008. 

Energi21 provides advice to the authorities on the organisation of public allocations to research, both thematically and financially.  The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy uses the Energi21 strategy as a basis for guiding its allocations to research, development, demonstration and commercialisation of new climate-friendly energy technologies. The Energi21 strategy is designed to promote coordinated, efficient and targeted development of knowledge and technology in the energy sector.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about Energi21 and our strategic recommendations.


Contact info: 

director Lene Mostue, e-mail: lm@rcn.no phone: +47 41639001

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