Energi21 is the Norwegian strategy for research, development and commercialisation of new climate friendly energy technologies. Established in 2008 it focuses on enhanced value creation and efficient use of resources in the sector by putting efforts into research, innovation and education. Energi21 believes that Norway can develop an energy system that can contribute both at the national and international level. These contributions may be in the form of renewable and climate-friendly energy, industrialisation and business development, and last, but not least, an energy system with a reliable supply and the right quality

Activites and meeting schedule

13 march 20024

Transition week - FME Conference

Event by NTNU 

19 march 2024

Clean energy export - seminar

Event by SINTEF Energi 

9 april 2024

Strategic workshop on nuclear technology and nuclear power

15 May 2024

Energi21 Board meeting no 2 - 2024

11 September 2024

Energi21 - Board meeting no 3 2024

12 December 2024

Energi21 Board meeting no 4 2024

Activites and meeting schedule

Industry support 2022

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