In its fourth national research strategy , the Energy21 board recommends a substantial increase in energy technology investments and priority efforts targeting the following key areas: 

  • Digitalised and integrated energy systems.
  • Climate- friendly energy technologies for maritime transport. 
  • Solar power for an international market.
  • Offshore wind power for an international market. 
  • Hydropower as the backbone of the Norwegian energy supply.
  • Climate friendly and energy-efficient industry, including Carbon Capture and Storags (CCS). 

Energy21 strategy 2018

The key areas set out in the Energi21 strategy hold great potential for value creation in resource utilisation and further development of a supplier industry for national and international energy markets. In addition, the key areas represent thematic and technology areas of major significance for ensuring security of energy supply through future challenges related to climate change, new technology, new market solutions and new patterns of energy consumption in society.

Following up the Energy21 strategy will require involvement from the business sector, resarch and educational institutions, and authorities. Cooperation between these actors will be essential for achieving the Energy21 ambitions and ensuring that necessary research activity is carried out.